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Holiday Courses & Workshops For Mini Coders & Young Coders

July &   August 2021

We are running a series of coding bootcamps for our Mini Coders and Young Coders throughout the Summer Holidays.
The projects featured in these bootcamps are unique projects that we have created to inspire a new generation of coders.

Mini Coders (Ages 6-8)

An introduction to coding

Mini Coders: Course 1

This 8-hour coding bootcamp follows our introductory course. This covers the content from our term-time Mini Coders Course 1. Students will be introduced to key concepts of the Python Programming Language through digital art. This is an ideal introduction for students with little or no coding experience and is great for students looking to move away from coding platforms that are designed for younger children. This is also an ideal course for students that are unable to attend our term-time classes, and for students currently enrolled to our term-time classes who wish to finish their Introductory Project over the Summer.

DATA representation

Mini Coders: Course 2

Following the completion of Course 1 (An Introduction to Coding), students will be introduced to a new range of coding concepts that bring together their previous knowledge, their creativity, coding, mathematics and much more... Now that they are familiar with some of the basic concepts of the Python programming language, students will begin to design and implement their own strategies for solving a series of simple computational and logical problems. Asides from coding, this course has a greater emphasis on mathematics, binary numbers and geometry. Some of the more complex coding and mathematical problems have been broken down so that children as young as 6 years old can feel confident while coding and learning new skills.

Mini Coders Bootcamp

Young Coders (Ages 9-14)


Coding With Electronics

4 - day course (12 hours)

This hands-on bootcamp introduces key Python concepts through the fascinating world of electronics. Students will take part in a series of simple projects, use a breadboard to build and control basic electronic circuits with LEDs, buzzers, traffic lights and much more... By the end of the bootcamp, as well as learning more advanced coding concepts, they will learn how to use the Raspberry Pi to interface with the outside world. We will also be introducing the concept of binary numbers and Morse Code, alongside mathematics which will play a key role in this part of the bootcamp.

Data representation

3-hour workshop sessions

Join one of our Data Representation Workshops where our Young Coders will be introduced to the Python programming language alongside data representation. We'll take you through a series of projects designed to explore the different ways in which you can use Python to create digital art. This is a fun & engaging course that's great for any creative students that are keen to apply their creativity to computer programming.

Data Structures

3-hour workshop sessions

Our Workshops on Data Structures provide an introduction to Python where students will learn some of the ways in which text, or 'a string', is used in programming and how data structures can be defined, represented and manipulated. Throughout each 3-hour session, we'll introduce a new set of core Python concepts and apply them to a series of coding projects.

Computational Thinking & Coding

3-hour workshop sessions

In each 3-hour session, we'll take students through a series of logical coding problems. Students will learn the basic concepts of how mathematics is used in programming, how data is stored and how numbers can be manipulated. Each day, students will be introduced to a new series of projects where they will design algorithms, write programs and apply computational methods to solve mathematical problems.

Interactive storytelling

3-hour workshop sessions 

This summer, we are running 3 full-day workshops (9am - 4pm) where students will design and build their own text-based adventure games. We'll run through each stage of the project, from designing the theme and storyline, setting up the framework, building the text-based game and running & testing the final product. This is ideal for students interested in delving deeper into designing & managing their own coding projects.

Young Coders Bootcamp

All equipment will be provided for each of our bootcamps, including Raspberry Pi computers, project books / sheets etc... (i.e. you don't have to bring anything). Each coder will take home a Mini Coders or Young Coders Certificate of Completion on the last day.

All of our bootcamps are run from the following address: DiscoG Coding Academy, 504 Kenton Lane, Harrow, HA3 8RD

Due to limited spaces, we work on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Therefore your child's space on our course can only be reserved once we have confirmed that a space is available.

Please get in touch for prices and to register your interest in one of our Coding Bootcamps.

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