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The skills you'll gain from studying Computer Science go way beyond learning to code. You'll learn to identify a problem then design and build your own creative solutions, as well as learn to solve complex problems using a systematic and logical approach, and much more. 





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Break Down Complex Problems

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Creative Problem Solving



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Our Junior Coders Courses follow the National Curriculum with an emphasis on the hands-on programming components of the syllabus. Throughout these courses, topics and core coding concepts will be introduced through a mix of tutor-led and student-driven projects, which also allow students to develop their understanding of each phase of a project including:

  • Analysis and decomposing a problem

  • Identifying and designing possible solutions

  • Developing and implementing a solution

  • Testing and refactoring the solution

  • Evaluating their proposal and solution

As part of the GCSE requirements, Computer Science students must develop practical programming skills as they will encounter each of these phases in their Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) where their ability to apply their skills to each phase of a project will be tested and evaluated.

We provide support for both parts of the syllabus:

    - System architecture
    - Memory and storage
    - Wired and wireless networks
    - Network topologies, protocols and layers
    - System security and systems software
    - Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns

    - Algorithms
    - Programming techniques
    - Producing robust programs
    - Computational logic
    - Translators and facilities of language
    - Data representation

Click on the links below for more information about the GCSE Computer Science syllabus for each Examination Board:

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"Thanks Gerard for going above and beyond in helping my son Kyal achieve Grade 9 in his GCSE in June. The tiny bits of extra support makes a world of difference, especially when identifying problems with programming, that his school has not been able to do. He looks forward to the next 2 years of A Levels with confidence especially when it comes to in depth theory work."

- Sandeep Patel

"I found Gerard by accident from a local advert and what a find! I needed a [Computer Science] tutor for my son as this was definitely something that I could not help my son with.


Gerard was excellent and very dedicated to help my son and he quickly built a good understanding of my son's strengths and weaknesses for his GCSE Computer Science exam. So good, that he got a Grade 9 and won the Computer Science Prize at his school. Thank you Gerard."

- Bhavna Shah

"As a GCSE student, Gerard's help with my NEA was invaluable. I learnt a lot from Gerard and highly recommend him."

- Anant


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