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What we do

We teach children aged 6 - 8 to code.

The Mini Coders Programme has been designed to introduce children as young as 6 years old to the world of computer programming. This basic beginner's course takes children who are unfamiliar with, or have a limited knowledge of programming and teaches them the basics, this includes:

  • Introduction to important coding concepts

  • Introduction to Python and draw in the form of Digital Art

  • Introduction to graphs, coordinates, sequences, algorithms & much more...

... because there's more to coding than just typing!

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Accuracy & Precision



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Break Down Complex Problems

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Skills beyond coding

The Mini Coders Programme uses the Raspberry Pi 3, a credit card-sized computer, to teach children the Python Programming Language. In the process of learning to code, children will learn many other things.


In addition to learning mathematics & computational ideas, they will also be learning strategies for solving problems, designing projects and communicating ideas. These transferable skills can be used in the future to learn another programming language.

Why we do

what we do

We love teaching our Mini Coders! Each day offers a unique set of challenges and questions from an eager group of 6 - 8 year olds, who are keen to succeed and achieve their goals. Whether it be finishing their task for the week, reaching the final milestones of a project or designing their own problems to solve, the enthusiasm that our Mini Coders carry with them as they face new challenges constantly amazes us.

We now have Mini Coders who have transitioned to the Young Coders Course (having reached Year 4) and we're glad to have prepared them for the challenges that lay ahead. They continue to be excellent role models to our new and younger coders who are in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 and are proof that anyone can learn to code - you just have to be brave enough to make a few mistakes along the way.

The skills that our students are cultivating at such a young age will have a real impact on their futures and we're always thrilled to hear that learning to code with us has helped them with their other subjects at school. By learning to break down problems into manageable parts, they're often able to discover that no challenge is too big and that, with a little bit of hard work, they can reach their goals.

The Mini Coders Courses have a heavy emphasis on creativity and digital art. One thing that has always been very important to us is to ensure that our students - no matter how young - are given projects and tasks which challenge them. But, this doesn't necessarily mean that each session is different from the last one. We're committed to teaching life skills such as perseverance, hard work and dedication to ensure that by the time they graduate and become a Young Coder, they have a healthy work ethic as well as a strong foundation of computational thinking.

Hear what our members have to say...

"My son started at DiscoG Coding Academy a year ago, he has progressed a lot. Gerard & Kat are such friendly people, Paras looks forward for his class every week!"

- Mini Coder Parent

"Having worked in tech myself for many years, tried teaching my own daughter and volunteering in coding clubs too, I can say hand on heart, that DiscoG is by far the most advanced, most  superior and most forward looking club and organisation I have experienced.


Gerard and Kat are not simply teaching coding, but a future proof mindset, which is setting up the children for the working world, which will be far different from the one which currently exists. 


 I can't recommend DiscoG enough. It's a family run place, which gives you the intimacy and one to one care, which you can't get in most places. Above all, Gerard knows what he's doing, investing in him, is investing in your child, is investing in their future. 


I literally can't wait to see our child blossom though DiscoG and look forward to the terms and years ahead. 


Keep up the great work DiscoG!"

- Adam Shabbir

Reviews MC

"My son has been attending coding classes here now for a while, credit goes to Gerard and his team.


The format and structure of the lessons and the help and guidance from the team have meant that he has now got a solid understanding.


I would highly recommend DiscoG Coding Academy to anyone that is looking for the perfect start in coding."

- Manoj Kakaya

"Both of our daughter's have been part of the Disco G Coding Academy from it's inception over a couple of years ago. Gerard and Kat are excellent teachers and SMEs in Python.


We've seen our daughters' excel at coding through the expert support from both Gerard and Kat.


Disco G is a community coding academy and we can't recommend them enough.


It's been a wonderful experience and a great pleasure to see the work which Disco G Coding academy is providing to a new generation of children as we all adapt to a technology driven society."

- Punit Shah

"Being a teacher myself I can say that DiscoG's approach and methodology to teaching the children is excellent. 


The national curriculum and schools in general still haven't grasped how to do this and could learn so much from Gerard. But don't wait, join DiscoG and set your child up for success - you won't regret it! 

We've tried a few classes and many others pop up each and every day, but Gerard has had a lifelong commitment to coding and technology and I'm sure he will outlast them all, as one thing which sets him apart is his passion, commitment and determination to give the best to our children. 


Check DiscoG out, it's the only place we'd ever look to..."

- Papya Qureshi

"Fantastic family run coding school! My daughter has been attending her coding classes for the last 2 years. Gerard has given my daughter the confidence to use Python and understand computing with a caring and encouraging teaching style. I would highly recommend these classes! Thanks DiscoG!"

- Neal  Madlani

We're always looking for new coders.

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