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Ages 6 - 8

Our Mini Coders Summer Course is an ongoing holiday course which has been designed to introduce children aged 6 - 8 to the fascinating world of computer programming.

We will be running two hour sessions and three hour sessions and your child can join as many sessions as you'd like.

The only limit is that only one

session can be attended per day

i.e. AM sessions from 9am - 11am

or from 9am - 12pm.

PM sessions from 1pm - 3pm

or from 1pm - 4pm.


Ages 9 - 13

Join our Young Coders Summer Courses and Workshops for children aged 9 - 14. In each 3 hour session, students will be working on a different set of coding challenges and projects. 

Your child is welcome to

join as many workshop sessions as you'd like. For new student, we'd recommend joining for a minimum of a week, as this is equivalent to a 3- to 4-month academic term.


Our flexible Holiday Workshop schedule means that you can also choose which days and time slots you'd like to join each week

i.e. AM sessions from 9am - 12pm

or PM sessions from 1pm - 3pm

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