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Are you looking for weekly coding classes for your child?

We offer tailored classes students aged between 6-8 and 9-14 years old.

Click on one of the buttons below to learn more about coding classes for kids:

Learning to program a computer is the same as learning to read and write in a new language. It requires the continual progression of learning and a lot of practice! Here at DiscoG we offer tuition and support to children as young as 6 years old.

At DiscoG, we offer a structured yet flexible hands-on approach to learning. Using the Raspberry Pi (a credit card-sized computer), students can develop an understanding of coding and design in a fun and engaging environment. Students are taught in small groups with children of a similar age and are encouraged to learn at their own pace, collaborate & share their ideas with their fellow students whilst utilising their individual strengths. Through the progression of our programmes, our students will cultivate skills such as applying logical and analytical thinking as well as problem solving which, in this modern world is highly imperative.

Learning to code can be quite intimidating at first, but like anything, it's not necessarily about having a high IQ, all your child needs to get started is enthusiasm and a willingness to discover and create something new. For the Mini Coders Programme we have broken down many of the concepts from the Young Coders Programme (9 - 14) to ensure that children as young as 6 years old will feel confident writing code while gaining essential skills.

Are you studying GCSE or A Level Computer Science?

  Do you want to brush up on some programming concepts? Are you working on your controlled assessment  

  project? Are you are preparing to sit your final exams? DiscoG is here to help you at every stage!

Depending on where you are at within your course, we can cater for your requirements.

If you're not sure that one of our courses will cover what you're looking for or you are unsure of what session to choose, you can contact us or call us on: 07767300940 to personally discuss your project or course.


We offer tailored classes, support and tuition to students eager to get a head start

on a new syllabus or revision leading up to those important exams!

Click on one of the buttons below to learn more about coding classes for GCSE or A Level students:

If your child is in Year 9 or below and you are looking for a course that works towards the GCSE Computer Science Specification, click here to look at our Young Coders Course which works towards the GCSE syllabus.

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